we use fresh ingredients.
why is that?

Artistry Coffee Shop is a local independent coffee shop and cafe located in the heart of the beautiful Kistilano neighborhood. Everything we offer is either made in-house or locally sourced and is always of the highest quality with excellence in mind. We offer gluten-free and vegan options as well.

Not only are our products locally supportive, but we open the shop to those local artists and musicians to show-case their talents and encourage attendance. These evenings and shows tend to sell out quickly though, so make sure to check out our Events and Promotions page to get the inside scoop for what is going on and when.

We are obsessed with providing you with the best coffee, treats, food, and experience in Kitsilano. Don’t just leave it to us to tell you, come in for the Artistry Coffee experience and feel free to let us know how we are doing!